Case Studies, DOC Upgrades
  • Wilkies Pool Upgrade – A rain forest region walking track with very high rainfall (7 meters plus p.a.) and medium to heavy walking traffic.
  • Bay of Islands – Minimising visitor impact and protecting features with a mat that can be uplifted at a later date leaving the area intact and undamaged.
  • Heaphy Track Upgrade – Getting away from rutting and water damage, Heaphy track upgrade on walking and mountain bike access
  • Mangorei Track – A rain forest walking track, used by day trippers, extended stay walkers and hunters, where mud reduction on track was a prime aim
  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing – Alpine region walking track experiencing very high use (80,000 + persons p.a.) and where fragile soils prevail.
  • Grey's Scenic Reserve - Track upgrade to enhance short walk experience within a tall stand, and to provide the opportunity of enjoyment to as wide a proportion of the general public, in particular the disabled and wheel chair and stroller users.”



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Case Studies

Check out a number of case studies which show the different uses of Jakmat: