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Mangorei Track, Egmont National Park


Track Conditions

The track is being constructed on the Mangorei Track (slopes of Mt Taranaki) at approximately 1500ft (457Mtrs) on a base of composted bush debris, shingle and mud. The area is subject to very high rainfall of up to 7.00mtrs per year.

Application of Jakmat

Despite these conditions Jakmat will hold ground matter in place and therefore prevent undue rutting and maintain a robust, consistent surface for tramping/walking on.

Construction Steps

  1. Levelled the ground with a slight elevation in the middle of the track (a total width of approximately 3 metres.)
  2. Placed timber edging along the track (150x40mm treaded pine).
  3. Laid sand, approximately 20ml, onto the track (over the parent material) and compacted to provide a bed for the mat to lie on and bring the mat level with the top of the timber edging.
  4. The mats were laid, longest side (585ml) across the track interlocking the mats in straight sections of track.
  5. The mats were laid, longest side (585ml) across the track interlocking the mats in straight sections of track.
  6. The mats were filled and compacted, taking the filling material from the surrounding area some of which was from the slight concave surface that was created each side of the track to help water diversion down the sides of the track and into the “U” drains spaced at 30 to 40 metre intervals.
  7. In a second section some mats are going to be left unfilled to observe the different results over time of the two construction techniques.


  1.  Want to achieve a track to be built without steps

  2. Use of locally available materials and avoid expensive transportation of particular track construction material.

  3. Desire to establish a track that will withstand conditions of very high rainfall (i.e. up to 7 mtrs p.a.)


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Case Studies

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JakMatGeocell is a more robust version of the JakMat and can be used in car parks and utility area construction.

JakMatEnviro is used for walking tracks and environmental protection, for reinforcing ground used by walkers to reduce the physical wear and tear on popular walking tracks and also for farm environments.

JakMatDairy provides a solution to race problem areas on farms caused by high stock traffic.


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