JakMat Dairy is ideal for High Pressure Animal Traffic Areas

The solution to race problem areas caused by high stock traffic

Stabilise race pressure points and create a smooth transition zone from race to concrete with the JakMat Dairy system.

Enjoy the long term benefits:
  • Enhanced drainage - no potholes and less carry-over to shed
  • Reduced risk of lameness
  • Improved cow flow
  • Lower maintenance cost and effort
  • Ultimate strength and material retention due to the unique honeycomb structure

Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • JakMat is easy to handle, lay and cut to size if needed
  • Lay between milking with few disruptions
  • Lower on-going maintenance costs due to a long lasting and stable race surface created
  • Reduce mud and excrement ‘carry over’ into the milking shed with reduced clean down
  • Holds soft aggregates, sympathetic to animals’ hooves, on race surface thereby reducing refill cost

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Check out a number of case studies which show the different uses of Jakmat:


JakMatGeocell is a more robust version of the JakMat and can be used in car parks and utility area construction.

JakMatEnviro is used for walking tracks and environmental protection, for reinforcing ground used by walkers to reduce the physical wear and tear on popular walking tracks and also for farm environments.

JakMatDairy provides a solution to race problem areas on farms caused by high stock traffic.


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