Case Study, Vehicle Parking - Bellevue Park

A car park extension adjacent to the Bellevue Park sporting facilities using JakMatGeocell.



The objective in using the JakMatGeocell was to provide an overflow car park facility which was quick to construct, had a surface which was permeable, could be permitted without an extended Resource Management Act consent process and had a low maintenance cost over time.

The two photos below show the area before construction and had been used as a temporary overflow car park.


The problems they had experienced before the construction were:

  • grass damage in wet weather
  • poor drainage
  • vandalism and generally an unacceptable look for a municipal facility.

Construction occurred in March 2009 and covered an area of approximately 500 square metres.

Construction Steps

  1. Ground preparation: the total parking area had the top soil and over burden removed to a depth of 300mm.
  2. Water collection point: fall to a corner swale drain was allowed for on one side of the parking area which ultimately drained into a stormwater drain.
  3. Timber edging was constructed to provide a boarder to the car parking area.
  4. Geotech cloth was laid to go under the basecoarse aggregate.
  5. A GAP40 aggregate layer (200mm) was put down and compaction was done by a roller. This is the weight bearing layer to a depth enabling multi axel truck carrying capacity.
  6. A 20mm layer of builder sand was laid as a bedding layer for the JakMatGeocell after which the mats were laid in a right to left configuration.
  7. A discreet (7-10mm) pea aggregate was used to fill the cells and compacted with a flat compactor.
  8. A final dressing layer of approximately of 10 – 15mm was spread over the top of the JakMatGeocell to allow for settling and additional compaction by vehicle use.
  9. Mats (if they needed cutting for a fit) were cut using a concrete cutter.


Project Review after One Year of Use

“This is a heavily used car park and it has withstood the Remuera taxi and car manoeuvring well.”

“The only maintenance which has been performed was an additional dressing of the pea aggregate after 9 months due to final compaction and settling with vehicle use over the initial period.” - Commented by the Project Manager responsible for this project

Bellevue Park Revisited after Two Years (Nov 2011)


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